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honor a restorative justice innovator


Let's Honor a RestorativE justice (3)How could we foster racial healing in the United States? How can restorative justice tools and processes help us repair historical harm?

These are some of the questions my friend Sarah Cruse and I will be exploring at the 2015 National Restorative Justice Conference in Florida from May 31st to June 3rd, with 500 others attending from all around the country.

We are going to the conference to listen and learn, and to discover inspiring leaders and initiatives which we would like to introduce to those in our social networks interested in social healing and community building. Some of the trailblazers speaking at the conference include Dominic Barter who developed Restorative Circles, an increasingly popular community-based practice for conflict resolution which initially emerged in gang-controlled shantytown favelas in Brazil. They also include Sujatha Baliga who is holding restorative justice circles with police officers in the Bay Area; and Fania Davis from Oakland who has called for a Truth and Reconciliation Process to address violence against African Americans.  And many others.

We secured support from friends to cover our plane tickets and hotel room; and Sarah did a crowd funding campaign to cover her conference fees.

Now that our personal costs are covered, we are launching a crowd funding campaign to raise $1000 which we will offer — as a gift — to one of the inspiring restorative justice leaders we will meet at the conference.

If, like us, your heart aches about what happens in places like Ferguson, Baltimore, and so many other parts of the country; if you despair about the 1001 ways that racial conflicts and injustices continue to destroy the lives and dreams of so many, please help us back a restorative justice initiative that is modeling how to heal rather than perpetuate harm. We don’t know who this $1,000 gift will benefit yet, but we will let you know before the end of our 14 day fundraiser.  And we invite you to accompany us on this learning journey, and entrust us with the capacity to make this gift.

If you contribute to this Indiegogo campaign on any level, you will be invited to join a facebook group which Sarah and I set up to dialogue with other friends attending the conference, as well as our circle of crowd funders.  You will also be invited to join a conference call which we will be hosting during the second half of June to share what we learned, what inspired us, and who we funded.

As always with crowd funding, every little bit helps. So, if all you can give is $10, we would be honored and grateful to flow it forward to someone doing great work. If you can give $25, $50 or $100, that would make us sing. And if you can give more, we will be whirling with joy, and we promise to put all funds to inspiring use, by supporting someone who is working for greater dignity, fairness, and healthier interconnectedness.

What we want more than anything else is the precious gift of your attention directed toward those who are developing creative solutions.

If you feel drawn to do so,
please back this initiative,

Tesa and Sarah

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