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a birthday wish


Dear friends,

AumatmaI am turning 45 in two days, on Wednesday, March 16,
and here is my birthday wish.

The wise and beautiful Aumatma Shah who co-founded the Karma Clinic in Berkeley, now runs her naturopathic practice out of Oakland, and helps couples have healthy babies without drugs or injections. She is currently raising $10,000 through the new Kiva Zip platform in order to collect data to publish research in medical journals on how natural medicine can support fertility.

Kiva Zip is “a pilot program recently launched by Kiva
to drive innovations in person-to-person lending.
It provides 0% interest loans up to $5,000
for small businesses and entrepreneurs who are
financially excluded and underserved.  These loans are “crowd-funded” by individual lenders.”

Aumatma already raised $5,300 with 30 days to go,
and I would like to help her move a lot closer to (and maybe reach) her $10,000 goal by my birthday.  I just contributed $50 to her campaign, and I am looking for…mmm…say, 45 friends willing to join my Kiva Zip tribe of zero-interest lenders to make a small loan ($25 or more) toward Aumatma’s crowd-lending campaign.  Yes, crowd-lending means you will get your money back (without interests in this case), and then you can lend it again to another inspiring entrepreneur!

Would you like to play,
and be part of the new economy,
and a grassroots banking system?

If so, here are a couple of different ways you could contribute:

The quickest and simplest way:
Go to Aumatma’s Kiva Zip page and make a small loan,
then let me know via email what you contributed,
so I can later let you know what difference we made together!


If you are feeling adventurous, creative, and extra generous, you could auction an hour of your time via email or facebook page to offer your friends something you love to do, and then contribute whatever you receive from the highest bidder to Aumatma’s campaign.

If you do play,
please tell me what you end up doing,
so I can celebrate your contribution on my birthday!

And take a moment to watch Aumatma in action
in the beautiful video on her site’s front page.

With love,