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Aya’s rivers nourish the seeds of a new world by flowing resources to visionaries, innovators, teachers, healers and connectors who:

  • Cultivate and teach embodiment skills, inner presence, and vibrational intelligence, through body and energy literacy;
  • Help build our individual and collective capacity for receptiveness, deep listening, and aligning with life.
  • Learn to befriend their dark side, and embrace and integrate all parts of self, to become embodiments of wholeness.
  • Dare to follow the drum of their own heart beat to find their unique place of contribution and leadership in the great jazz ensemble of life.
  • Bridge different perspectives and social worlds, and support others to bring forward their respective pieces of the larger puzzle to work together in service of life.
  • Draw upon the transformative power of poetry, singing, music, stories, dance, theater, and play to inspire and support new possibilities.
  • Invite a deepening of human beings’ relationship to the larger community of life, including trees, oceans and other species.
  • Experiment with new organizational, socio-economic and political forms and models that facilitate greater connectedness to self, others, and the universe.

There is no application process, nor proposals involved.  No one is ever asked to prove their value or make promises of future outcomes.  Gifts are offered in the spirit of friendship and partnership, as a blessing.  Here are some of the people and projects I have gifted so far.